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La Noche Oscura (2022), ca. 24'

for mixed choir, organ, percussion 

La Noche Oscura

Janacekian Garland (2019), ca. 13'

variations for piano solo

Main theme

Melancholy Winds (2022), ca. 13'

for wind quintet

Movements IV & V

Nightwatch (2021), ca. 1'

for Nachtlicht ensemble


Sweeping memories (2021), ca. 8'

for piano & clarinet

Sweeping Memories

Graduation Music (2021), ca. 7'

for six musicians

Graduation Music

Saxophone Quartet (2020), ca. 16'

for saxophone quartet

Saxophone Quartet

IN F-SHARP (2021), ca. 7'
by Raivis Misjuns and Andreas Mader

for saxophone solo & live electronics


Six Texts for Percussion Trio (2019), ca. 11'

for percussion trio

III - Meditation

The old cimbalom weeps... (2020), ca. 7'

for cello and piano

The old cimbalom weeps...

Morning! (2019), ca. 8'

for cello and vibraphone


My heart... so calm, so restless (2021), ca. 6'

for guitar solo

Frenzied Fire (2021), ca. 8'

for accordion solo

I will save you tomorrow... (2019), ca. 7'

for solo piano

I will save you tomorrow...

Nocturne (2017), ca. 4'

for accordion solo


Canticum Vitae (2015), ca. 13'

for organ solo

Canticum Vitae

Poorten van den Bronzen Vallei (2019), ca. 6'

for fanfare orchestra

Danse Pesante (2015), ca. 7'

for double bass quintet

Danse Pensante

Summer Verse (2013), ca. 5'

for solo piano

Summer Verse