I will save you tomorrow...

date: 2018

duration: 7 minutes

premiere: by Sean Morgan-Rooney at the Bernard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, October 2018

programme note:

I will save you tomorrow... is a piano solo piece exploring the intimate sound world of sostenutos, careful pedalling and pianisissimos. Inspiration came from an installation by Sarmīte Māliņa and Kristaps Kalns with the same title which I saw in the summer of 2016 during Cēsis Art festival, Latvia. The installation was composed of three elements: a large black disc overlapping a white one – reminiscence of an eclipse over celestial light -, a bouquet of flowers in a vase and a video with a small child on a swing. For me, the interplay of these seemingly abstract motives gave ground for the composition and thus existential questions aroused: can something that needs saving be postponed for tomorrow? And what is this ‘tomorrow’ – a momentary promise of one’s love overshadowed by doubt?