Canticum Vitae

date: 2016

duration: 13 minutes

premiere: by Alexandra Bartfeld at the CNSMD de Paris, salle d’orgue, in December 2016

programme note:

Canticum Vitae (Canticle of Life) is an allegoric piece for organ solo written in spring 2016 in London, UK. There are four variating movements which all gradually grow in intensity, dynamic and complexity – a symbolic reference to the circle of life which is found in all living beings around us, but most notably – human. Within first three movements there are three main elements that construct the carcass of the piece: the beginnings start with a very low, earthly chord representing the first ray of light, a quivering beam of life – a birth; then followed by the main story told by the Persona, guiding us through unsettling emotions and constant exaltations which unfold to us chaotically one after another; and the third section – interlude – comments the whole scene from a higher, more grotesque point-of-view. The coda-monologue at the end of the III movement invites us to look back, reconsider our ways and fulfil an apotheosis in any way one chooses to.